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Welcome to XC Flying

XC Flying offers an Aussie cross country paragliding package located at Mt Borah, Manilla in Australia. Mt Borah is known for its world class distance flying, where personal bests are a common occurrence.
During your stay with us we aim to make your xc paragliding holiday a worry free experience so you can focus on flying big distances.
If you are looking for flat land flying without the need for tow up then this is the place for you. Mt Borah is situated along a ridge overlooking vast flatlands which is conveniently dotted with small hills that serve as reliable thermal trigger points.
Intermediate pilots who are looking for a safe flying site to acquire XC experience will love Mt Borah because it is mainly flatland, there isn't much lee side turbulence or strong valley winds to worry about. Huge fields in every direction makes choosing a safe spot to land no problem.
Experienced XC pilots will also love Mt Borah, This is a place where your Personal Best is likely to be broken. And don't worry about a retrieve, just keep flying, we got ya!

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XC FLYING * info@xc-flying.com * Telefon: 0047 40010541